It’s like a dream come true… I’m finally a homeowner! I almost gave up because so many banks turned me down! But he was able to work his magic and he made it happen!

– Kristy, Pittsburgh, PA

We Work With Every Financial Situation

We make it easy for self-employed borrowers to qualify for a mortgage without any tax returns.

We have products for real estate investors to qualify without any income documents.

What separates us from our competition is the diversity of our products, our rates, and our service.

A reverse mortgage funds your retirement using your home’s equity with NO MONTHLY PAYMENT.

Kevin Danowitz

A Message From Our Founder

“Since the beginning of my career, my philosophy has always been to do right by my clients. Providing impeccable service has allowed me to excel as a mortgage banker. No matter the size of the loan or past credit history, I will always treat every one of my clients like family.”

Why Choose HP Mortgage?

We Treat You Like Family

We treat our clients like family. You are real people to us. We will never jeopardize your home, your family or your finances just to “close another deal”.

Years of Experience

We have a wealth of information and experience that other mortgage companies cannot offer.

Ethical Standards

We will always be honest and upfront—we do not engage in the practice of offering teaser rates to get you in the door, and we always do the right thing.

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