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Why choose us?

If a loan can be done, we will get it done. We will always be honest and upfront—we do not engage in the practice of offering teaser rates to get you in the door. We do every type of loan but we are the foremost experts in alternative loans for self employed borrowers and investors, low credit borrowers, and other lending challenges. We have a wealth of information and experience that other mortgage companies cannot offer. Remember that if we are wasting your time, we are wasting our own time. We have a mutual goal… to get you in a house ASAP!

Ethics and our reputation are everything to us. It is truly upsetting how many innocent people are taken advantage by some of our competitors in this industry. We treat our clients like family. You are real people to us and we know this is the biggest financial transaction of your life and it is our fiduciary duty to make absolutely sure it’s one you can afford. We will never jeopardize your home, your family or your finances just to “close another deal”. We will always do the right thing and it is why we are so successful in this business.

What differentiates us from other companies?

Unlike other companies who try to find people to fit a limited range of products, we find the right product to fit the person. Most mortgage companies and loan officers will only look to see if you qualify at the time of application for their limited range of products. They are looking for cookie cutter buyers, so if you don’t come to them with a great credit score, W2 forms and check in hand for your down payment, they will assume you’re a denial. They are not knowledgeable of the various loans available for the nontraditional borrower, which are very complicated to understand and navigate. They don’t look at the whole picture to see if you can qualify in the near future, and they certainly won’t advise you on how to improve your credit. Simply put, if you do not meet their strict criteria for a mortgage approval, they are not interested in talking to you.

We assess your entire financial picture and imagine what type of loan would work for your needs. We then reach out to our large network of lenders and find that perfect product for you. We work closely with our clients, sometimes over many months, to meet the mutual goal of getting you qualified.

You can count on a pre-approval from us! We really know our stuff. If we issue a pre-approval, you can rest assured that your loan will be approved. Most pre-approvals aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. We don’t want to waste your realtor’s time either!

Do we only offer specialty products?

No! We do every type of loan out there including your traditional conventional loans, jumbo loans, FHA, USDA and VA. We just pride ourselves in getting the “impossible” loans done when no one else can. Whether you are a traditional borrower or a borrower with unique challenges, we promise efficient and friendly customer service and no hidden costs or fees. We also offer the best rates and will be happy to give you a comparison quote.

How can I be approved for a mortgage with low credit?

We will call you and within a five minute conversation, we will determine if you can be a home owner or not. Factors to consider are the credit, income, and ability to make a down payment. We will help you raise your credit score to get approved if needed.

What if I don’t have money for a down payment?

We offer programs and options, such as VA Loans and USDA Loans, which include 0% down payment options.

Can I get approved with a past bankruptcy?

YES. We are well experienced in dealing with past bankruptcies, and we will let you know right away if your bankruptcy fits within the government guidelines for approval.

How long will it take to get PRE-APPROVED

Each case is different. Often our clients are surprised to find out they can be approved right away. If not, we will give you an honest estimate of how long it will take after a review of your financial history. The good news is that the majority of my clients are in their new home within SIX MONTHS!

Can I get approved with a past foreclosure?

YES. We are well experienced in dealing with past foreclosures, and we will let you know right away if your foreclosure fits within the government guidelines for approval.

How are stated income loans back again?

Stated income loans have a bad reputation due to their abuse that contributed to the housing crash. The backlash from the Dodd-Frank Act to do away with these alternative loan types left non-traditional homebuyers without any options, which is really unfair. Not everyone fits into cookie cutter guidelines. Hardworking self-employed people and investors who risk their own capital should not be penalized for the bad actions of a few! Recognizing the gap in the market, some banks and lenders decided to restructure the programs and provide these loan types again within Dodd-Frank rules. These are not the toxic “liar loans” from years past, they are fully compliant with federal law so that both the borrower and lender are protected.

Who offers stated income loans?

These loans are typically offered by small to mid-sized lenders who have specialty wholesale programs that do not work directly with the public. Your big name banks do not deal with these loans because the underwriting guidelines are so specific to each individual borrower, are not one of their portfolio products, and they are not sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. You need to work with a knowledgeable broker who will evaluate and expertly match your financial situation with the best specialty program that fits your needs. We are partnered with every wholesale lender and every program out there.

Do these loans require perfect credit or a huge down payment?

No! We have access to every program out there and will let you know right away if it can be done. Difficult loan situations are our specialty! Most of our clients are not who you would consider “ideal”. Most of the time they have called every bank out there and have just about given up before they find us. Every single day we deal with clients who have low credit, recent bankruptcy or foreclosure, fluctuating income, businesses less than two years old, divorce/alimony, and many other challenges. We have dealt with every scenario you can imagine. If the deal can be done, we will get it done!

Are they any hidden charges or fees? Aren’t the interest rates outrageous? Will I be able to afford my payments?

You may have noticed that we don’t advertise any teaser rates on our website. Those are deceptive business practices and our pet peeve is hearing about people being bait-and-switched by other banks. There is nothing more important to us than ethics and doing right by our clients who we treat like family. There are no up-front fees or prepayment penalties and we have a responsibility to disclose everything to you up front. Especially when dealing with loan products that can be complicated, you need someone in your corner. People are pleasantly surprised at how affordable our programs really are!

Our goal is to put you in a house that you can afford and make you happy. We build personal relationships with each of our clients and we would never put your family or business in jeopardy. Our reputation is everything and every week we receive many referrals and repeat business from past clients. Please check out our testimonials page to read comments from some of our happy clients.

If I’m not pre-approved for a stated income loan, does that mean I will not be able to buy a home or get my cashout loan?

Not necessarily. We have many options to cover you in the meantime until we can get you approved. We have saved many purchase contracts and real estate investment deals from falling apart. We have saved people’s businesses from bankruptcy by getting cashout refinances done too. Again, we have access to every program out there and that includes bridge loans, hard money lenders and private investors, which are all lifesaving resources in the right situation.

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