If a loan can be done, we will get it done. We will always be honest and upfront—we do not engage in the practice of offering teaser rates to get you in the door. We do every type of loan but we are the foremost experts in alternative loans for self employed borrowers and investors, low credit borrowers, and other lending challenges. We have a wealth of information and experience that other mortgage companies cannot offer. Remember that if we are wasting your time, we are wasting our own time. We have a mutual goal… to get you in a house ASAP!

Ethics and our reputation are everything to us. It is truly upsetting how many innocent people are taken advantage by some of our competitors in this industry. We treat our clients like family. You are real people to us and we know this is the biggest financial transaction of your life and it is our fiduciary duty to make absolutely sure it’s one you can afford. We will never jeopardize your home, your family or your finances just to “close another deal”. We will always do the right thing and it is why we are so successful in this business.

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