You may have noticed that we don’t advertise any teaser rates on our website. Those are deceptive business practices and our pet peeve is hearing about people being bait-and-switched by other banks. There is nothing more important to us than ethics and doing right by our clients who we treat like family. There are no up-front fees or prepayment penalties and we have a responsibility to disclose everything to you up front. Especially when dealing with loan products that can be complicated, you need someone in your corner. People are pleasantly surprised at how affordable our programs really are!

Our goal is to put you in a house that you can afford and make you happy. We build personal relationships with each of our clients and we would never put your family or business in jeopardy. Our reputation is everything and every week we receive many referrals and repeat business from past clients. Please check out our testimonials page to read comments from some of our happy clients.

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